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Confirmation of your appointment

Thank you for booking your appointment

for mediation without dependent children in person.

Here you will find the various information

concerning the processing of your file

Purpose of family mediation

Family mediation is to allow you to know your rights, ask questions, receive information and above all allow you to obtain an agreement within you. If you want your agreement to have the force of law, you will have to obtain a judgment afterwards. Obtaining a judgment is not a service included with subsidized mediation.  You can look in the others tabs for information on obtaining a judgment.

Documents for the mediation session

No document is required for the meeting. Bring the documents that will be relevant to the meeting according to what you want to discuss.

Mediation process in person

Both parties will need to attend a single in-person meeting of one to two hours together where we will discuss the division of your property.


Subsidized mediation detailed

The Government of Quebec subsidies 3 hours of mediation sessions once in life to find an agreement in your file. To be eligible, you must never have done subsidized mediation together.


For more specific information, you can call 514-639-5611 or write to

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