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to cancel a child support in videoconference.

Here you will find the various information

concerning the processing of your file

Conditions for obtaining a judgment to cancel child support

All your children in common must be adults and autonomous, otherwise you must file a procedure for the modification of child support. Check the Custody and Child support tab for more details.

Documents required to obtain a judgment

Although it is not mandatory, it is preferable to have the judgment establishing child support at the time of the meeting. Otherwise, you must at least have your Court file number which is in the form 000-00-000000-000.

Time required to obtain a judgment

Depending on your judicial district, the judgment is generally rendered within two to six weeks. following the filing of all court proceedings. However, the Court is not bound by this deadline and it is possible that the judgment will be rendered more than six weeks after the filing of the proceedings, although this is really unusual.

Progress of the file to obtain a judgment in videoconference

First, you will have to complete a questionnaire concerning the relevant information in your file (one questionnaire for both parties). Then, you will have to pay a deposit to cover the costs and fees for your file. The payment of the fees must be made when you complete the questionnaire or at least 72 hours before the videoconference.

You and the other party will have to attend a single videoconference meeting of one to two hours, where the documents will be prepared, digitally signed and sworn.

The detailed fees to obtain a judgment in videoconference

For the all-inclusive by videoconference packages, it will cost you a total amount of $ 700, taxes included. Court stamp fees are included with this option. To benefit from this rate, you must never have used subsidized mediation together. Otherwise, it will cost you an additional amount of $ 300, taxes included.


For more specific information, you can call 514-639-5611 or write to

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